Wednesday, 28 March 2012

We will do it fast, first of all you have to log into your Blogger account
  1. Now go to the Settings menu of your blog

  1. Click on 'Post and Comments' under 'Settings'

  2. Once you clicked on Post and Comments , you will see options about Comments and Posts, underComments there you will see Comments Location
  3. You just have to change it from Embedded to Full Page or Popup Window to let your page show over 200 comments

  4. Now click on Save Settings on top of the page and preview it.

    Do it in Old Interface

    Let's see how to make it work in the old interface.
    1. Log into your Blogger account
    2. Click on Settings under the blog title on the home page
    3. Under Settings menu click on Comments

    4. Next to Comment Form Placement option select Full page or Popup Window

    5. Now Save Changes and done !

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