Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Google Play, Added to the Navigation Bar

Google play replaced music in Google navigation bar.Recently Google play introduced by Google.Play is place where you will get lots of android apps,games,music,ebooks and movies.

All things at one place.On March 27, 2012 this change take place,Google Play gets prominent place in Google bar.

Soon Google play is going to replace Android market.Google play is having millions of apps,google navigation bar is situated at top of Google home page where we can find search, Google plus,news and many other useful things.Google Play now has pride of place in between Maps and YouTube, signaling its importance to the company over services relegated to a drop-down menu like Translate and Reader.

Google is obviously hoping that the massive exposure of Google Play on their homepage is going to make the service more popular

How Google play will get profit by this technique?
Google is having millions of user and having billions of daily page view,so when visitor see the play options on top with red high liter they will get exited to know more about it and then Google play daily page view will increase. 
So if you want games and apps for your android then go to Google play and get millions of free and premium apps.

Click here to go to Google play.

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